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General Discussion / Clipper Race 2019 - 2020 Update 22/02/20
« Last post by KeithS on February 22, 2020, 02:21:28 PM »
Steph is flying out to the Philippines tomorrow to join Dare to Lead for the start of Leg 6 on the 10th March. Due to the Coronovirus outbreak in China the race organisers have decided to cancel the stopover. Race organisers have yet to decide but the stopover is likely to be either Japan or South Korea then onto Seattle for the finish of Leg 6 around the 27th April.

Leg 6 'The Mighty Pacific Leg' is around 8,000nm and 37 days at sea !!

I'm sure you will wish her well and safe sailing and if you wish to follow the race use the race tracker

Steph is also raising money for Unicef and is well on her way to raising her target. If you would like to donate go to and search for her name Stephanie Stewart The Race of Your Life or there is a glass near the bar at the Club for donations.

Hope you have fun following Steph for the 2nd time as she takes on this crazy experience !

Cheers Keith & Christine
General Discussion / Flying Snooker Results 2020
« Last post by Pete Terek on February 22, 2020, 11:44:06 AM »

  The results of last nights Flying Snooker: Cup Winner- Richard Sutton
                                                              Plate Winner - Bruce Randles

 A Big THANKYOU to Pete and Margaret Jacobs for the superb supper and Pete Sutton for organising the Comp. on the night.
  A great night enjoyed by all participants and spectators.
General Discussion / FLYING SNOOKER COMP. 2020
« Last post by Pete Terek on February 15, 2020, 12:35:31 PM »
 This competition is open to all members male and female, it is fun not serious snooker.
   Supper and prizes all for an entry fee of £5-

   FRIDAY 21st February  DRAW & CUE OFF 1930hrs.
  Entry list on Club board or contact Pete Jacobs.
General Discussion / Burns Supper
« Last post by Pete Terek on January 26, 2020, 11:12:35 AM »
  A BIG THANKYOU to all the members of the house committee and any one else who assisted in making it a very enjoyable evening.  Not to forget John Burton our superb MC for the night.

   Pete & Barb
General Discussion / Merry Christmas
« Last post by Pete Terek on December 18, 2019, 09:53:21 AM »
   Peter & Barbara Morrish send Christmas Greetings to The President, Flag Officers and all the members, and wish them a Happy and Healthy New Year.
General Discussion / Sailing Committee Meeting 5th December 2019
« Last post by AndyW on November 25, 2019, 11:45:19 AM »
A Sailing Committee meeting will be held @19:00hrs on Thursday 5th December 2019 .

Usual format to agree next years sailing program, and any other sailing business .

Sailing Sec.
General Discussion / Clipper Race 2019 - 2020 Update 14/10/19
« Last post by KeithS on October 14, 2019, 08:49:42 AM »
Dare to Lead arrived in Punta Del Este yesterday in 4th place after 28 days at sea and completing over 5,100nm of race 2 of Leg 1. Zoe is flying out to meet her next week and then they are both touring around South America until Christmas !

I'm sure Steph will share her experience of the race when she returns and this traumatic post she put on the crew diary;

Of Creatures Great and Small

Stephanie Stewart

Remember that film? I remember it being on television on a weekend afternoon; my Dad would sit and watch it whilst pretending to clean the sitting room. As a kid I dreamt of being a Vet too; I work now as a Doctor- sort of the same?

Well, the wildlife here in the mid-Atlantic Ocean is nothing like this! It started a week or so ago during the attack of the flying fish. Seemingly out of nowhere the fish would appear on deck, their fins flapping and mouths open. It was manageable at first until the night one hit me in the face whilst I was helming, and then landed at my feet within the confines of the helm cage. This is how I got my nickname- ‘The Fish Alarm.’ I couldn’t help but let out an almighty shriek - the sort that brings the sleeping crew and Skipper on deck to see what the commotion is about. They retire soon after; ‘just a fish’ I hear someone say. On ‘Rolex Watch’ I am very fortunate to be blessed with crewmates who will remove the offending creature in order to stop the shrieking; I hear ‘Swatch Watch’ make the victims remove their own fish!

The attack of the flying fish appears to have stopped; I have seen none of these creatures for some days now which is a huge relief. My paranoia about being on deck at night was just beginning to wane until the next flapping, flying creature begun to attack- seabirds!

We had spent the afternoon watching these birds flying, gliding and fishing alongside the boat. I am no bird expert but I am told they are either Gannets or Shearwaters. They are grey in colour with a white tail; to me, they look like a skinny seagull with a more pointed beak.

That evening when returning to watch we saw a couple of these birds still flying alongside the boat. As the night closed in and the clouds intermittently blocked out the moonlight things became eerie and Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ springs to mind. The birds grew in number until six were circling above the rigging. Michelle and I had been watching them for some time; concerned about how low they were and how long they had been present for. The two of us headed to the back of the boat to undertake our helming stint, I hadn’t been there long when the attack began. The birds dove down from behind us swooping low over our heads. The final straw was when one landed on my head - I felt his claws grab onto my scalp, getting tangled in my untidy windswept hair and could feel his wings furling and unfurling as he settled. I screamed and waved my arms in a panic desperate to get him off of my head. My crewmates presumed it was another flying fish; little did they know it was a bird nesting in my hair!

Michelle and I took turns after that, watching the birds and waving our arms when they got near. At first, no one believed the story until two other crewmates were also hit by these flying creatures. Our AQP Hugues helpfully informed everyone at watch change to be careful of our eyes, as the birds would likely attack these for ‘freshwater.’ He ran off laughing, as the next watch remained fearful of the next attack.

Also one of the crew posted a blog about each person who was leaving at the end of Leg 1 and this is what he wrote about Steph !

Stephanie (aka Steph): From Liverpool, our Liverpudlian (if that’s a word?), is the second doctor on the boat, and is leaving as well. Do they know something we do not? A constant source of entertainment, she got engaged prior to shipping out (like so many sailors of lore). Honest to the core, with an uncanny ability to provide input and opinions on every facet of conversation throughout the boat, she was our clarion call for everything from watch change, log entry, breakfast, lunch and dinner time, sunset, sunrise, well, you get the idea.

 Bossy !!!!!

If you look at the Clipper Website there's lots of photos, reports and updates etc. so until her next Leg 6 from China to West Coast of America in April 2020 bye for now.
General Discussion / Clipper Race 2019 - 2020 Update 23/09/19
« Last post by KeithS on September 23, 2019, 09:26:48 AM »
Dare to Lead is currently placed 4th sailing through the Virgin Islands approaching the Doldrums Corridor where they can chose whether or not to switch on their engine for a maximum of 60 hours. They have constantly been shifting between 2nd - 4th place with only about 50nm between the lead yachts.
Since leaving Portamao, Portugal last Sunday she is due to arrive in Punta Del Este, Uruguay between 12th - 16th October after a journey of 5,200nm.

Steph has apparently had a few issues with the flying fish and has been hit by them on more than one occasion !!

Steph posted the following Crew Report on day 4 which can be viewed on the Clipper Race Website

Sunrise and Sunset; and everything in between

Race 2 of Leg 1 is well and truly underway now.

The build up to this race was a blur of activity, as we ensured the boat and crew were prepared for a month at sea. We had escaped with little maintenance work and our main focus was victualling for everyone on board; this was no easy task. The team were lucky to have Graeme on board who now lives in Portugal and could assist us with the language barrier in the supermarkets!

Since leaving Portimãowe have been gybing down the African coastline. Initially, the winds were light, the skies blue and cloudless and the waves gentle. Whilst on watch the time passed idly; listening to music, chatting and of course trimming the Spinnaker. A night with a full moon lit our way, reflecting off the ocean and the stars helped guide our course. It had been nothing short of idyllic.

This morning has given way to increasing winds and waves. I found myself on the foredeck this morning rigging the Spinnaker and main for the gybe, with the help of our AQP Hugues; the wind and waves ever building as we braced ourselves against the sea. Later on, I took to the helm which could only be described as a full body workout, each roller lifting the boat and tossing it off a wave. This made even more difficult, as my small frame means that I can barely see over the helm cage!

The mood on board is pleasant; the boat is stable, the food is good and the crew are happy. This race has, so far, lived up to my expectations. The skies are blue, the winds are fair, the blue of the ocean sparkles in the sunshine - it is absolute bliss.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching both the sunrise and the sunset. My sisters love to capture a beautiful sunset, and these ones at sea do not disappoint. The beginning and end of each day are always a time of reflection on board, as thoughts stray to loved ones back home. To all my friends and family, I think of you all each day; guessing what you are doing or thinking or planning. The rest of the crew are all doing the same; our supporters are always in our thoughts.
General Discussion / Clipper Race 2019 - 2020 - Steph Stewart
« Last post by KeithS on September 03, 2019, 09:48:33 PM »
For those that don't already know Steph is taking part in Legs 1 and 6 of the Clipper Race 2019-2020 on Dare to Lead. We went down to London at the weekend to see her off on the first leg of this amazing adventure of a lifetime.

If you would like to follow her or the race you can use the following links;

To sign up for the monthly supporter news letter, sent via email check here:

There is a Clipper Race 2019-20 Facebook page:

And another Facebook page just for Steph's Crew and supporters:

There is also a Youtube channel the Steph's crew have set up to post their own videos:

And finally the live Race tracker page, (very addictive !) for following all the boats throughout the race and the leaderboard:

Steph is also raising money for Unicef. If you would like to donate go to and search for her name Stephanie Stewart The Race of Your Life

Hope you have fun following Steph as she takes on this crazy experience!

Cheers Keith & Christine
General Discussion / Checking Boats Wednesday 7th August 10.00 hrs meeting at club
« Last post by Hermes on August 05, 2019, 09:55:23 AM »
Any one who wishes to check their boat prior to the forthcoming period of bad weather forecast, meet at the Club 10.00 hrs Wednesday 7th
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