Buddy Series (24th & 25th August)

Just a few Pics Sent in by Keith Stewart

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Regatta (Saturday 29th June)

Not the hot sunny day the forecasters promised but a pleasant enough afternoon with just enough wind for a sail. There were approx. 30 craft taking part, representing 7 classes. All the results are posted on centre-board.

Team Race Vs WKSC Stars (away)

The race took place on Saturday 22nd June. Unfortunately there wasn’t much wind with the home team coming 1st, 2nd and 4th in the first race and only 2 boats (1 from each team) finishing the second race within the time limit resulting in a 20-28 point win for the Stars.

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Ahoy and Avast me hearties!!! Stand by to repel boarders!!!!

Seabird’s launching this year was interrupted by a gang of marauding pirates who looked to be intent on hi-jacking the boat. Fortunately however, they were a friendly bunch just looking to help with the launch. (pictures courtesy of Keith Stewart)

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